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A new type of discovery that allows you to learn relevant facts about anyone material to your case.
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Instant signup, no contracts, no subscription fees Discovery+ Dark Web Scan Real-Time Vehicle Sightings Phones, emails, properties, liens, DMV data, SSNs, and more National criminal background check Results in an average of 77 seconds (yes, really)

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Refine Your Case Strategy with Discovery+

Traditional Discovery is primarily focused on parties in a case, and relies on truth in disclosure.

Discovery+ empowers you to verify information and evidence provided to you by an opposing party, and gives you valuable insight into non-parties, whether on the stand or in the jury box.

Discovery+ is the only service available that gives you the combined view of a person's real world AND online activities in one, complete report.


People Records


Data Points




Easy to Read Report

Use Cases


We needed to serve a subpoena to a witness that travelled out of town frequently.  We knew his first and last name, but could not ask for additional information or availability because he was tied to opposing more

Depositions & Testimony

We had a critical witness, who was going out of their way to dodge service of subpoenas for deposition and trial.  We had his phone number, but he would not answer calls or return more

Locate Assets

Locate real properties, vehicles, motorcycles, and more. When available, see debts against those assets, and other more

Confirm Facts

More often than not, discovery, interrogatories, and depositions can leave you with an entirely new set of questions to be more

Jury Selection

With comprehensive search results that come back in an average time of 77 seconds, you can gain the winning edge during Voir Dire by having superior facts and background about jurors available at your more

How it Works

You don't know what you don't know, but FindMyWitness does.

When you run a Discovery+ Search, our system scans through over 128 BILLION records for the information we uncover from phone carriers, banks, credit bureaus, and social media accounts.
Unprecedented Accuracy

Unprecedented Accuracy

FindMyWitness employs the latest technology and best data sources available to provide you with the most up-to-date information available, including verifying phone numbers and email addresses in real-time so you know exactly how to contact someone.

Verified & Guaranteed Deliverable Email Addresses

Verified & Guaranteed Current & Active Phone Numbers

Most recent known addresses & complete history

Political Affiliations & Donations

Corporate Connections & Roles

Criminal Background Check

Sometimes knowing just about everything is not enough; you need to know everything. With FindMyWitness’ proprietary algorithms and data feeds, you’ll actually know everything. From the person’s full social security number, every address ever associated with them, every phone number they have had personally or for business, salary estimations for their most recent jobs, and even a full national criminal background check, our unrivaled Discovery+ Search has you covered. And, of course, you will receive all of this information in less than a minute.

National Criminal Background Check
Find Vehicles

Find Vehicles

FindMyWitness enables you to locate commercial and personal use motor vehicles owned, leased, or otherwise registered to your search subject.  Search results include color, make, model, year, VIN, license plate number, and state of registration for each vehicle located.

License Plate Recognition via Text Message

FindMyWitness has developed a revolutionary, proprietary text message photo search. Simply take a photo of a vehicle's license plate, text it to us from a phone number registered to your account, and receive a Discovery+ search back on the owner.  You will receive contact information, additional vehicles, known aliases, social media profiles, criminal records, and much more.

Photo Search
Simple Report

Simple, Easy to Read Report

Data is useless unless you and your team can read it. We have worked hard to build a report that looks great on your phone, your computer, or printed. The report is easily sharable with your colleagues via email or print, and is sent to you within seconds of running a search.

Name Validation

People often go by different names than what is on their Driver's License, or maybe they have changed their name, or even go by their middle name. At the opposite end of that spectrum, people often are named after close family members who may even live at the same address or share bills for certain services (family cell phone plan for example). FindMyWitness has developed a proprietary algorithm to decipher these phenomenons and help you find exactly who you are looking for.

Determine Nicknames

Find "legal" vs. "online" profiles & names

Find the right person, even if they share a name with a family member

Name, Phone, and Email Validation

Deep Scan of the Dark Web

Dark Web Scan
Discovery+ scans the dark web to bring transparency to a person's online activities.

If a person has accounts that were exposed in many of the largest data breaches in history (Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, Yahoo, MySpace, and thousands more), we will show you what was leaked — data like usernames, email addresses, when they signed up, physical addresses, and more. You will have unprecedented insight into a person's, often "secret", online identities and activities.

Real-Time and Historic Vehicle Sightings

Real-Time and Historic Vehicle Sightings

Locate people like never before, using our proprietary interactive user-location map, which displays data from our network of thousands of ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras across the United States, overlaid with an individual’s current and previous known home/work addresses to gain insight on a subject based on the locations they visit and/or frequent. With over 6.5 Billion historical scans, and 160 million new scans every month, added in real-time, you’ll always have the most up to date information, from the largest vehicle sightings database in the country. Every vehicle sighting includes date/time of scan, where the sighting occurred, and photos taken of the vehicle during the scan. Discovery+ Searches come with one free credit to display all sightings for a specific license plate across the country. Additional credits are just $10 per license plate to display nationwide sightings.

Vehicle Sightings


No subscription fees. You only pay for searches you run.

Standard Search


per search

Our Standard Search provides you with all available names (aliases), gender, date of birth, verified email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, social media accounts, websites & blogs, employment history, education history, known associates, and photos.

Discovery+ Search


per search

Our Discovery+ Search includes everything from the Standard Search, deep dives into a Person's properties, full social security number, salary estimations for their most recent jobs, political affiliations, vehicles (including liens), a full national criminal background check, a deep scan of the Dark Web, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed?

You are only billed for the searches you run. There are no subscription (monthly or annual) fees. Each search is billed to your card on file when run.

Do you have customer support?

Billing support is available via email or phone, Monday-Friday from 9am to 7pm central time. System support is available via email or phone, Monday-Friday from 9am to 6pm central time, and on Saturdays (via email only) from 10am to 5pm central time. We try our best to respond to all inquiries the same business day.

How long are my search results available for?

We keep the report available for 30 days, but you're always welcome to print them or save them to a PDF. After 30 days has past, we completely delete the contents of the report from our servers.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We encrypt everything using bank-grade encryption, and will never share or sell your data. We ensure only you (and those with whom you send the link to) have access to your reports.

How many users can I have?

As many as you want. FindMyWitness does not charge per user, but rather per search.

Are there any contracts?

There are no contracts, subscriptions, or minimums. You are only billed for the searches you run.