Real-time and Historic Vehicle Sightings – Telling a Better Story

Vehicle Sightings
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Investigating Witnesses
Attorneys have been investigating witnesses, opposing parties, and other people relevant to legal disputes for countless years, which is traditionally time consuming and expensive.  New technology, however, has begun to ease this process with respect to both time and price, by creating avenues to mine information that are substantially faster, lower cost, and more repeatable. In our previous posts, we discuss how attorneys can use big data and deep/dark web searches to gather information about people’s lives, but what about their habits and behaviors?

Vehicle Location Intelligence
Whether you are an attorney, a private investigator, or an insurance company, a person’s patterns and repetitions in movement can be powerful in cases including:

  • Family Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Workers Comp
  • Accident Claims
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Underwriting
  • Collections and Asset Recovery
  • White Collar Criminal Acts
  • Capital Crimes
  • Cold Case Investigations

Because people are within 1000 feet of their car approximately 90% of time, vehicles sightings are very revealing about the circumstances of their lives, which often help you discover untold truths about them. Are they disclosing accurate financial information? Are they living a “double life” or engaging in activities that they hide from their loved ones? How bad is that injury that they allegedly sustained? How “innocent” is that victim, really?

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Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Cameras
Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Cameras are a 50-state legal and federally permissible manner for gathering location information through vehicle sightings.  The FindMyWitness network incorporates thousands of cameras located in various public locations and mounted on a variety of vehicles around the nation that constantly scan the plate of every vehicle they “see,” and continuously capture/upload photos of related vehicles in real-time.  Every vehicle sighting includes a scan of the license plate, the precise GPS coordinates at which the vehicle was seen, a picture of the vehicle itself, and a date/time stamp. These are added to a historical database of previous sightings, which maintain 36 months of past activity. They are stored in compliance with federal regulation, and do not contain any personally identifiable information (PII) regarding vehicles owners, however, they can be specifically combined at an individual level, for legally permissible use by licensed professionals. 

Winning Cases – The Story
If you are a licensed professional who is ready to uncover the full truth about the person you are looking into, knowing where, when, and how often he or she goes places is powerful, especially when put in a visual representation that allows you to literally see locations with context.  FindMyWitness combines location sighting information such as:

  • Where a person shops
  • Places that they hang out
  • Repeated visits to specific areas
  • Trips to banks, doctor’s offices, unrecognized homes and buildings, etc.

with present and past work and home locations in an easy to use, interactive Google map.  This allows you to find patterns, identify potential associations, and even find undisclosed information that can help paint a new story to change the narrative of a case.

FindMyWitness – The Next Generation of Discovery
Every Discovery+ search includes the ability to run one free vehicle sighting/location report for any single vehicle associated to the person you are searching, and results are guaranteed for accuracy. Additional vehicle sighting reports can be run on an as needed basis within each report, and allow you to see relative movement for an even bigger picture view. Start using the next generation of legal research today.

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