The Importance of Data to Attorneys

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Challenges in Legal Research
One of the top challenges that law firms face today is how to take advantage of the immense amount of information available to them. This is especially true when it comes to tasks such as people research, which have traditionally always been inefficient, manual processes. The current method for going through public records and social media by hand is very inefficient, and it misses a lot of useful information that is available through sources that most people don’t even know exist and don’t know how to access. The time and effort necessary to research even a single person in depth is prohibitive, and attorneys frequently have to figure out what to do with people who they know almost nothing about.

Opportunities For Better Information in Legal Cases
There is a huge opportunity in better understanding people involved in a case at every level. Regardless of whether it is an attorney’s own client, opposing party, or even non-parties such as witnesses, experts, and potential jurors, the more an attorney knows about a person, the more effectively they will be able to manage them throughout the case. Quality data can be leveraged to:

  • Perform due diligence during litigation
  • Fact check
  • Reveal unknown criminal history nation wide
  • Assess risk with clients and ability to pay for services
  • Research M&A targets
  • Investigate respondents in Personal Injury claims
  • Discover hidden and undisclosed assets, liabilities, judgements, liens
  • Understand biases and prejudices

This is where big data becomes an important tool for the legal system.

Legal Industry – The Importance of Big Data
So what exactly is big data? Big data is not a concept generally considered in the legal industry, but it is an important one. It is the process of using computers to run algorithms that sort through massive amounts of data in a matter of seconds versus days and weeks, to make intelligent connections and associations between people, businesses, assets, liabilities, etc. in a fraction of the time and cost that it would take a private investigator or paralegal to do so. And it is conducted at a level of depth that they are unable to achieve manually.

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FindMyWitness – Unprecedented Data Access
Unlike internet-based searches, FindMyWitness focuses on accuracy and quality of information. In an average of 77 seconds, we search through phone directories, DMV’s, credit bureau records, criminal databases in all 50 states, and number of other sources from the deep web and dark web, to give you immediate, up-to-date information that is not scraped from unreliable sources on the internet. This includes a comprehensive list of current and past phone numbers (including cell phones), physical addresses, mortgages and liens, email addresses, vehicles owned, vehicle sightings nationwide, data breaches, full social security numbers, full driver’s license number, criminal history, and much, much more.

There are no monthly fees, and the data is guaranteed to be accurate. Sign up on our website using our simple form, and get started now.

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