Case Study - Confirm Facts

Note: This case study is from a real FindMyWitness client, but has been anonymized to protect their client's privacy.

Simple Report

We had a high-conflict case with a both parties making some very egregious accusations against one another.  After multiple hearings and requests, we had a judge grant a request for psychological evaluations that applied to both parties, but the stipulation was that they were only required to take the evaluation if they had one or more criminal actions taken against them in the last 10 years, or if they had ever been found guilty, plead guilty, or plead no contest to a crime of moral turpitude.  Both parties provided sworn testimony that they were exempt.

After running a FindMyWitness report, we found that while opposing party did not have any criminal actions against him in Texas, he did have a no contest plea 25 years prior in another state that we never even knew he lived in. Neither the criminal action nor the residency were provided in sworn testimony, even though disclosure of both were applicable to questions asked.  We were able to subpoena official records from the local court where the criminal action occurred, and show the judge that opposing party did in fact have a plea to a crime with no statute of limitation for the evaluation.

Subsequently, opposing party was required to take a psychological evaluation (which turned out favorable to my client), lost favor with the court for perjuring information, and we ultimately won the case.

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