Case Study - Depositions & Testimony

Note: This case study is from a real FindMyWitness client, but has been anonymized to protect their client's privacy.

Simple Report

We had a critical witness, who was going out of their way to dodge service of subpoenas for deposition and trial. We had his phone number, but he would not answer calls or return messages. We ran a phone number search on him, and the report provided us with several addresses for him, the make, model, and license plate of his current vehicle, and a recent picture. Using the combination of information, we put a server on surveillance at his most recent address. He pulled up around 6:15 PM. Server was easily able to identify him from the photograph provided. Server exited his vehicle and walked right toward Witness. Witness looked right at him, the server made eye contact and said “Witness I have some subpoenas I’ve been trying to deliver to you.” Witness looked right at him and refused to open the door. Server dropped them in plain sight of him.

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