Case Study - Jury Selection

Note: This case study is from a real FindMyWitness client, but has been anonymized to protect their client's privacy.

Simple Report

We were conducting Voir Dire for a very-high conflict, high profile custody battle.  We had all the senior partners from the firm in the room to listen in, so we had multiple highly experienced attorneys helping with selection and strikes.  Our pool or Jurors started at 45, and we began with about 90 minutes of questioning before the judge sent us on recess for lunch.  One of our paralegals was able to run FindMyWitness reports on all 45 jurors before we were finished eating.  We returned to court to complete questioning.

Upon adjourning to deliberate, there was no reshuffle of jurors, three had been stricken for cause, and we had six strikes for each side.  That left us with jurors 1 – 33 to end up with 12 jurors after strikes.  We went through our pool, and used 5 of our 6 strikes.  We were stuck on the last two people, and were debating over the last strike.  We chose the strike, and at the last minute, the client told us to reverse the strike, and keep the person we were going to use the last one on.  We asked him why, and he pulled out the FMW report that our paralegal had printed, and showed us particular information about the juror that changed everyone’s mind.

We won the trial with a unanimous vote, and a Father won the vote of every female juror to take primary custody of his children over the mother.  The lead juror was the self-made, female entrepreneur/CEO that the FMW report helped us select.

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