Case Study - Locate Assets

Note: This case study is from a real FindMyWitness client, but has been anonymized to protect their client's privacy.

Simple Report

My client was in a divorce with her husband of 40 years.  He was an extremely accomplished attorney of 42 years, who had been bar certified in 4 states.  He had been General Counsel for multiple companies and a very successful M&A attorney, having closed several multi-billion dollar business deals on behalf of the companies he was working for.  At the time of divorce, they were living in house worth several million dollars, but he had taken out a home equity line of credit without telling his wife, using her forged signature, and he was claiming to be broke.

He falsified numerous documents, hid tax records, and was leading a double life that no one new about.  His wife, children, and even his attorney had no idea what the real story was.  A Discovery+ search revealed information that was absolutely stunning.

Opposing party had been leading a double life.  He had several anonymous apartments that had led back for 10+ years and he had hidden millions of dollars in various locations that were originally undisclosed.  The case never had to go to trial.  It ended at mediation with a cash settlement offer to my client which was over 4 times more than the original offer, and opposing party took on the debt that he had solely accumulated in the family name.

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